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ISONG Awards

ISONG Members are eligible for three types of awards:

ISONG Founders Awards

ISONG Founders awards, established in 1996, is to honor individual ISONG members who have demonstrated excellence in genomic nursing education, research or service. ISONG members have the opportunity each year to nominate another ISONG member for a Founders Award. One of the highest forms of recognition one can receive is a tribute from one's peers. The ISONG Founders' Awards make it possible for ISONG as a professional organization to recognize members who have served ISONG and are leaders in genetic/genomic nursing and health care.

Up to three Founders Awards may be presented each year, in Practice, Education and Research. The three fields reflect the vision of ISONG to advance genomic nursing practice, education and research worldwide. 

ISONG President's Award

This is a discretionary award given by the president to ISONG members for going over and above in service during that year.

ISONG Annual Nursing Research Grant Awards

The purpose of the annual ISONG Nursing Research Grant awards is to support research related to the mission of ISONG, specifically, to promote genetic/genomic nursing practice and for the development of genetic/genomic nursing science.  Grant funding may be used as "seed" money for conducting a pilot study, or, for support of an ongoing research investigation that will contribute to the science or practice of genetic/genomic nursing.  Awarding of grant funding is competitive and will be determined through peer review of proposals by members of the ISONG Research Committee.

Eligibility:  At ISONG scientific merit of grant applications is the primary criteria for funding decisions. 

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