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On behalf of the 2017 International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG) World Congress Planning Committee and the ISONG Board of Directors, thank you for being a part of this year’s Congress, an exciting opportunity to network with both new and old colleagues in Reston, Virginia. The venue - located near Washington DC, afforded attendees the opportunity to visit the nation’s capital while expanding their knowledge of precision genetic health care. In keeping with the mission of ISONG to foster scientific discovery and professional growth in nursing and human genetics and genomics worldwide, the focus of the 2017 ISONG World Congress was “Precision Nursing: Through Research, Education and Practice”. Presentations by Keynote, Plenary, Invited speakers and abstract presentations have been selected to meet the following program objectives:

  • To describe the concept of personalized nursing, and its translation into nursing research, education and practice.
  • To understand the unique, and important role of the professional nurse in the education of patients regarding personalized medicine.
  • To recognize bioethical issues surrounding personalized nursing and their application in research, education and practice.
  • To apply the concepts gained through this conference to further integrate personalized nursing in their own clinical specialty.

We couldn’t have our meeting without the support of our Congress sponsors. Thank you again for your participation. 


Susan W. Wesmiller, PhD, RN
Congress Co-chair

Deborah Tamura, MS, RN
Congress Co-chair

ISONG Members share their thoughts on what the ISONG Congress means to them:

"ISONG is such a wonderful place to network with nurse experts in genomics!  I have made contacts that have opened my mind to different ways of thinking - and opened doors to wonderful opportunities. This is THE conference to be at if you want to know what is happening in nursing genomic practice and research! 

This year is so important - we need to have a research voice for genomics, for research, and for women's and children's issues that are part of our practice foundation."

Kathi Huddleston 

"ISONG Congress provides the opportunity to network and meet with both national and international colleagues.  It almost seems like a "family reunion" as we have this once a year opportunity to get to see and talk to each other and catch up on professional and personal life."

Sylvia Estrada 

"I have never been to an ISONG Congress but have worked in genetics for 3 years. I wanted to get involved as a member and joined the education committee which introduced me to other members. I am looking forward to meeting and networking with those who have worked with during the continuing education process. I'm also looking forward to some great learning opportunities on topics that are not in my area of genetics."

Stephanie Nikbakht

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