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Research Committee

The research committee of ISONG fosters research activities in nursing, genetics, and related areas to enhance professional and personal development of members, consistent with the vision, mission and goals of the society. Our goal is to facilitate the research activities of ISONG members which include:

Raising awareness of the role of research within ISONG's core business

Alerting members to research opportunities (funding, collaboration among members)

Administering the ISONG annual grant award through an equitable and efficient process. Visit Research Grants

Disseminating news of research to key stakeholders (members, patients, other professional, funders).

The links below summarize NIH policies and potential resources but the links are not comprehensive. NIH Investigators are required to have a data sharing plan in place and they have a variety of choices.

Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT)

Identify potential investigators and studies with specimens.

Learn more

Huge Investigator Browser /

Find investigators who have published in your area of interest.

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