ISONG Research Initiative

Fostering scientific research in genetics is an important part of ISONG's mission. In 2014, ISONG in embarking on a Nursing Research Directed Donations Campaign in which ISONG, as an organization, will fund a Genetic Nursing Research Grant.

The team at ISONG headquarters will be seeking funds from various places: membership, universities, corporate sponsors, genetics professionals, and altruistic donors comprised of local organizations, foundations, and the general public who are interested in supporting genetics research by ISONG nurses and investing in their work.

You are encouraged to donate what you can. Donations start at $10. If 100 people donate $10, ISONG can provide $1000 in funding to promote one or more members' research initiatives. Members can donate along with renewing their membership online. Others can donate through or through a directed donation campaign brochure that is being developed.

Thank you to our ISONG members who have donated - these contributions are a significant support for this research initiative.

Click here to make a donation to the ISONG Research Initiative.


Research Grant Program

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